Why You Should Be Watching Fresh Off The Boat

March 10th, 2015

Unless you have been living under a rock or don’t believe in streaming, you would have heard of this different new American show called ‘Fresh Off The Boat’. The show is based on the memoir of the same name by Taiwanese born, American raised Eddie Huang, he now runs a restaurant but has dabbled as a writer/blogger, lawyer, TV Host, comedian and Marijuana dealer (Take THAT Asian career stereotypes!). Eddie is an Asian kid growing up in Middle class America, trying desperately to fit it and using hip hop, black people shoes and white people food to do it. The result is hilarious, quick witted jokes and pee your pants laughter.
Before I watched an episode I made some assumptions…
It would try and fail hard to poke fun at Asian and American culture or that it would be too one sided portraying Americans as dumb white people or Asians as people who didn’t have a clue about western culture and refused to “fit in”.
So far though, I think she show has done a great job and poking fun equally at everyone on the show, nobody gets out alive and the great thing is, even if you wouldn’t say some of these things out loud, you know you have probably thought it to yourself at one time or another because they are kinda true.

“Sometimes you have to spend money you don’t have to make it seem like you have money that you don’t spend.”
“Not only was I not white, to many people I wasn’t Asian either.”
“So … I did what every culture does when Americans can’t understand something, I put it on bread.”
“Which one says I’m rich enough to be invited but not rich enough that you can ask me to donate money?”
“Love you? My dad never said that, my family loved each other we just didn’t say it. We showed our love through criticism and micromanagement, so if you said love you, you were probably hiding something”
“I’m sorry. My son just got straight A’s and I told my wife I love her. We’re going through a rough patch.”

I think the show does a great job of explaining Chinese culture to a western audience, while being able to make fun of themselves.

A lot of people have been offended by the title or jumped to conclusions based on it and that is something I can identify with. The amount of backlash I got for the post “Asian Men Don’t By Flowers” was pretty amusing, yes I have been lucky to have since received flowers from Asian men and if you read beyond the post title you would see that it wasn’t as simple as that. HOWEVER, it was meant to grab your attention, click on it, read it and hopefully subscribe – the same way this show is supposed to grab your attention, give it 10 minutes of your time to see what a great show it is and become a lifelong fan that will go on a rampage if the show is cancelled (yep, I will lead the revolt).

I have heard people complain that the father in the series played by Randall Park is Korean, so how can he accurately portray a Chinese man? Well if he can play Kim Jong Un then he can play anyone!


We can pick apart the show as much as we want but you can’t please everyone and I think this is a huge breakthrough in western entertainment.


Fresh Off The Boat Cast

Fresh Off The Boat Cast

I once had a conversation with a friend and I brought up the fact that I felt Asians tend to prefer their cliques, they only had Asian friends, ate Asian food and spoke Asian languages and as a white person, I found it near impossible to penetrate the Asian cliques. If I managed that, I was the token white girl, I was constantly defined by the colour of my skin, not invited to “Asian” events like authentic restaurants that served organs and entrails, K Pop concerts or Asian nightclubs. I almost felt like the pity friend.
The response? “But isn’t Hollywood the same thing, a clique for white people?”
Light bulb moment!

Yes it is, leading actors are usually Caucasian with the occasional African American or Asian actor managing to break through, only to be the first to be murdered in slasher flick, or the weird exchange student, the kung fu master in the coming of age story (calm down, nobody is bashing Mr Miyagi) or the villain in a spy movie.
Fresh Off The Boat is breaking that stereotype. Just as it would be strange to see a TV show in China with the main cast being Caucasians, this is a new experience for western audiences to see a television show where the ensemble is Asian. And if you can’t poke fun at yourself, you will probably have a pretty depressing life regardless of your ethnicity.
Korean, Chinese, or American born Asian – does it really matter who is playing who or if they are a “real Asian” or not? If you want things to change and stop playing the minority card, you have to embrace attempts to change it and Fresh Off The Boat is doing exactly that.
And its dam funny too!

In the past few months we have had our first Asian Cleo Bachelor of the Year, the funny and modern TV take on My Fair Lady “Selfie” with the awesome John Cho playing the lead male and love interest to a Caucasian red head. Unfortunately Selfie was cancelled during it’s first season which is a shame because the fact that John was Asian, was mentioned only a handful of times – it wasn’t meant to be a show about intercultural relationships – it was a show about an uptight career obsessed introvert who took on a project to help ditzy but loveable social media obsessed woman rebuild herself after being humiliated…. They just happened to be played by a Caucasian woman and a Korean man, yes those sitcom babies would have been adorable and I’m sure the differences in culture would have been explored with hilarious outcomes but it’s worth watching and is paving the way for Asians in western entertainment. It also said a mouthful about today’s obsession with social media, the constant need for validation, attention and concern over what others think.


ABC's "Selfie" stars Karen Gillan as Eliza and John Cho as Henry.

ABC’s “Selfie” stars Karen Gillan as Eliza and John Cho as Henry.

I hope we do get to a point where we aren’t as shocked to see an Asian actor in a movie, not only would it make it much enjoyable for me but I think it will also help to open peoples minds a little.

You can find Eddie Huangs blog here

Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off The Boat


Chinese New Year Gift Guide

February 21st, 2015

It’s Chinese and Luna New Year! That means fireworks, lavish gifts, those little red packets and awesome food.

If you’re a little lost for gift inspiration, never fear! I have done all the hard work for you.

I am a compulsive gift buyer, the only thing I like as much as shopping for myself is shopping for others, so check out my gift guide below for ideas to spoil that special someone this February.

For the Fitness Freak

Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker

Fitbit Flex Tracker in red

Anyone who is planning on indulging in one too many spring rolls will appreciate this little gadget. The fitbit tracks calories burned, steps and even your sleep! This will help even the most dedicated athlete monitor their health and motivate beginners to stay on track.


For the New Traditionalist

An Oxfam Goat


Yep, you can buy a goat now. It is The Year of The Goat after all. For $39 you can provide a Goat to a person in need in Mozambique, they will breed with other goats and help provide for a family in the future. You get a cute card to pop in a red packet and plenty of good karma for helping someone in need.


For Your Elizabeth Taylor

Chinese Wealth Charm

tiffany wealth charm

Tiffany & Co Chinese Wealth Charm


It may not be diamonds but what woman doesn’t like jewellery? especially when it’s from the iconic Tiffany & Co. This charm symbolizes “Wealth” and that’s exactly what you better have if you want to buy this at $1,100 AUD.  Though, I’m sure for the matriarch of the family, that’s just about right.


For the Culture Clashing Mate

Havaiana Thongs in Ruby Red

Ruby Red thongs from Havaiana

Ruby Red thongs from Havaiana


If there is one thing that every Australian should own, it’s  pair of thongs. No country wears thongs as proudly as Aussies, so if you’re spending the New Year down under then a pair of bright red thongs is perfect. Even if it’s just to stop your pedicure from smudging, most Aussies live in these and why not embrace the culture clash and mix and iconic pair of footwear with an iconic colour and celebrate the year of the sheep as well.


For the Otaku

Hello kitty Uggs

Limited Edition Hello Kitty Uggs

Limited Edition Hello Kitty Uggs

Excuse me while I let out a ridiculously high-pitched squeal! Any self-respecting, Japan obsessed, lover of comfy footwear will adore these. There are two types of people in this world, those who love Hello Kitty and those who love Ugg boots, some genius has combined the two to celebrate the new year!


For The Scent Lover

Calvin Klein Red Edition for Him

Calvin Klein Red Edition for Her


For Him

For Her


How perfect are these matching sets for the couple who like to do everything together. EVERYTHING!

If the “Korean couple style” matching outfits are a bit much for you, then embrace your romance with these complimentary scents.


For Your Hot Asian Man

Red Check Onesie

Snuggle Time

Snuggle Time

Or any man for that matter, how adorably cute and strangely hot is this onesie? This is the perfect opportunity to embrace the matching couples outfit in the privacy of your own home. How could you resist a snuggle with your man in this?.


Asian Noms: In Asia

November 12th, 2014

What: In Asia A Culinary Journey

Where: 181 Concord Road, North Strathfield Sydney, Australia

Why: Perfect for a first date


The menu does a really good job of combining all types of Asian food without leaning too much toward one specific Asian cuisine. Everything tastes really fresh, the servings are the perfect size and beautifully presented.

If you are looking for a great night out, this restaurant is perfect. The food is amazing and there is something for everyone, their take on Asian food is modern, perfectly balanced without being too westernised or too traditional.

This is the perfect first date venue. The food isn’t over priced but it’s nice enough so that she knows you made an effort. You aren’t packed in like sardines so there is some privacy, it’s casual enough to wear jeans to but you won’t look out of place if you dress up. Street parking is right out the front too.

The atmosphere is perfect, beautifully decorated with a modern hip vibe but not so hipster it hurts.

It’s noisy but not so much you will have to yell at each other or so quiet you will have awkward silences, the staff are attentive and polite, they have genuine knowledge of the food and what to drink with it, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or for recommendations.

Taste Test

My favourite way to order at any restaurant is to try a bunch of entrée items and share around, so that’s exactly what I did here.

We ordered

Pan-seared Canadian scallops with chilli puree and lime sauce with fresh pear



In Asia’s Rice Balls – Panko prawns, avocado cream, spicy mayo



Twice cooked horse radish fritters with prawn, peanuts and pork mince



Sesame-crusted tofu, Pure of char grilled capsicum, ginger, lemongrass and Asian slaw and Roti


And for Dessert?

Mrs B’s First Kiss

Organic banana lightly battered in shredded coconut and fried, palm sugar caramel, tapioca sauce, rice puffs served with passion fruit sorbet



Lychee Sorbet



They were all absolutely delicious and I will be back.

My Asian Fixation on TV

November 9th, 2014

I was recently asked to participate in a discussion about interethnic relationships in Australia on a TV show called #Talkaboutit

The show aired on ABC News 24 on October 25th

Check it out here 🙂 or here




It’s getting Hot in here…

October 10th, 2014

A month ago I showcased two of the Cleo Bachelor Of The Year contestants, the only two Asian contestants, Thien Nguyen and Ronny Chieng.

This week Cleo announced their winner Thien Nguyen! Check out the official announcement here

Cleo Bachelor Of The Year 2014

Cleo Bachelor Of The Year 2014

It’s no surprise that I obviously agree with their choice, he definitely is gorgeous, Asian or not.

But what I am surprised at, is the fact that an Asian man won what is considered one of the sexiest titles in Australia.

oh hey...

oh hey…

Ok, it’s not the noble peace prize and just a bit of fun but It’s pretty rare to see Asian men portrayed as sex symbols/alpha males/attractive in western media. This competition was purely voted by readers of the magazine and based on physical attractiveness, something western people don’t usually associate with Asian men. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard the phrase “I can’t tell if he’s hot or not because he’s Asian” or “He’s hot…. For an Asian”


Despite my obvious preference for Asian men, I can tell if a man is attractive regardless of his ethnicity. It’s almost considered acceptable to state that you’re not into Asians but can you imagine the outcry if people said that about African Americans?

I can't tell if he's hot from afar... I may need to get closer

I can’t tell if he’s hot from afar… I may need to get closer

The Asian guy is usually the comic relief, the geek, the nerd, the second one to die in a slasher flick (after the token African America of course) and that’s if he even exists, regardless though, African American men are often portrayed as the sex symbol on TV and in movies, so why not Asian men?

Mathew Moy as Han Lee from 2 Broke Girls

Mathew Moy as Han Lee from 2 Broke Girls

Glen from The Walking Dead? He kicks zombie ass and proposed to his girlfriend with a ring he ripped right off the hand of a female zombie. All together now “Awwwww”.

I do love the show and have been known to put off uni assessments just to watch the latest episode but does it really take a zombie apocalypse to get a white chick to date and Asian guy?

Glenn and Maggie

Glenn and Maggie

How many carats it this?

How many carats is this?

I’m also pleasantly surprised to see John Cho as the male lead and romantic interest in the new show “Selfie” and his romantic interest? A red head! The show is growing on me and I love the original concept – a modern take on My Fair Lady. I hope there is a second season. Although John does play Henry Higgs, a work obsessed socially awkward geeky kinda guy, there is obviously romance blossoming for him and his fiery co star and I for one, can’t wait.

John Cho and Karen Gillan in ABC's Selfie

John Cho and Karen Gillan in ABC’s Selfie

Is love in the air?

Is love in the air?

Deadly Side Effects of My Asian Fixation

September 17th, 2014

Besides the inevitable problems of being a a Caucasian woman who digs Asian guys, such as “We can never work because of A) Cultural differences, B) My parents won’t let me date a non Asian girl or C) I’m too scared to talk to you and you’re too scared to talk to me”, there are a few other problems that impact my daily life, all because I have a thing for Asian guys.

I live in an area highly populated by Asian’s, so whenever I leave my home, the chances of seeing gorgeous Asian men are greatly increased, therefore I feel like I always have to be on my game. There are no midnight runs to Coles in my trackies for snacks and no walks of shame on a Sunday morning to the café with bed hair and bloodshot eyes for a well-deserved caffeine hit.

When it comes to working out? Forget it.

A friend once told me she went to her local gym because she thought it was a good way to meet men. I think most people at the gym spend just as much time checking each other out as they do themselves in the mirror, this wouldn’t bother me so much if my local gym wasn’t full of Asian guys.

I’m not one of those girls who gets a few strands of hair delicately falling out to frame her face while she glows with a pretty pink flush after a workout. When a pale girl with fine hair works out, she ends up with frizz everywhere and a blotchy rash like redness to her cheeks… and forehead and chest and well everywhere. People stare with concern because I look like I’m about to have a heart attack, which then makes me blush even more because everyone is staring at how red I am…



When normal girls work out

When normal girls work out


When pale girls work out

When pale girls work out



And then there is the most humiliating aspect of having a soft spot for Asian men, visiting the doctor.

So anytime I have some disgusting/embarrassing/contagious thing going on and have to visit my doctor, I end up standing in front of the ‘Doctors on duty sign’ to find the most western name I can.. “Dr Nguyen?… nope, Dr Lee?…. Hmm maybe, Dr Chong?… oh hell no!”





I then weigh up my options. Am I dying? Maybe I can wait this out? Could I just call K-Doc and get him to write me a prescription? No I’m going to take my chances.

“I’ll just take the first available doctor thank you”


Weighing up my options

Weighing up my options


So there I am sitting in the waiting room, I have an ever so attractive phlegm filled old man cough, combined with a stomach grumbling so loud I think its setting car alarms off outside, when out walks Dr Nguyen. He’s tall, has an adorable smile and arms I could cuddle into all night long.

“Don’t call my name…. don’t call my name”


Crap again.

By the time I drag my sorry looking ass into that little doctors room, I could care less that this cute, smart, friendly doctor who isn’t wearing a wedding ring is smiling at me, waiting patiently.

OK here goes “I can’t shake this cold I’ve had for almost two weeks, it seems to be getting worse, I can’t keep food down and my ears are blocked”

He pulls his chair close as he gives me a sympathetic look, leans over and asks me to take my jacket off, I take a deep breath as he puts a stethoscope to my back. If you couldn’t hear my congested squeaking as I attempt to take in air, this would be so romantic.

“Now I’m just going to have a look in your ear” he sweeps the hair away from my face and puts that ear thingy in my ear, I can hear him breathing, he’s close enough to kiss me… and as he pulls away I see a crumb of my ear wax on that ear thingy… wow this is the grossest date doctors visit I have ever experienced.

For you, Dr McDreamy

For you, Dr McDreamy


“You have a virus” he tells me as he writes out a prescription “you should take a few days off work to rest and make sure you don’t give it to anyone else”

This is the stuff Danielle Steel novels are made of, totally hot right? As the ice cold, hot again and back to cold sweat starts to build on my brow, I can’t decide if I’m going to faint or throw up.

As we finish up, he makes small talk about where I work, I suddenly feel a rush of energy, it could be from the hot doctor or possibly the excitement of having permission to take time off work. I tell him all about my fabulous job and how much fun it is while I do my best eyelash fluttering and hair flicking, he stands up to open the door for me and asks me to come back and see him soon.

I ignore the part where he says it’s to check up how the antibiotics are working and pretend we are having a moment and then just when I’m convinced he’s falling in love with me, I start to cough, and cough and cough and I can’t stop. My face turns red and I have no choice but to try and leave the room while keeping what little dignity I have left, intact.

Therefore I am basically sacrificing my health for my love of Asian men. It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it.


This is red pale girls get just walking into the gym

This is how red pale girls get just walking into the gym


Cleo’s Most Eligible Asian Bachelors

August 25th, 2014

Cleo Magazine is a popular Australian Women’s Magazine and I would bet that every Australian woman has flipped through the pages at some stage in her life.

Every year they hold The Most Eligible Bachelor Of The Year Awards, where several gorgeous men (famous and non famous everyday spunks) are chosen. The men are featured in the magazine and then all the readers get to vote on who they think would best be able to live up to the tough and grueling position of Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year.

It takes a special man to be able to convey many different looks of hotness through the pages of Cleo. As voters, we have an extremely hard job to do, we have to whittle down all those gorgeous men and find the perfect specimen of sexy but not so sexy you can’t bring him home to mum, charming but not so cocky that he thinks he can date your mum and friendly enough so that your mum would love him (not too much of course because all white girls secretly want to rebel against our mothers).

Check out the final 30 bachelors here.

It may seem like an impossible task but I’m here to help you narrow down the choices, firstly we can cross off 28 of the 30 chosen ones because only 2 of them are Asian … duh! This is Myasianfixation.com

So introducing…


Of course he owns a shirt

Of course he owns a shirt


See, shirt… Photos owned by Thien Nguyen Facebook


Thien Nguyen, he’s 28 and a personal trainer (obviously)

I have a soft spot for this guy as I saw him on Network Ten’s Studio 10 with one of my career idols, founding editor of Cleo in 1972,  Ita Buttrose, check out the video here

He seemed to be really positive and full of energy, his smile will make your heart melt and, oh yeah he’s damn hot too.

And then there is…



Photo from The Loop


Ronny Chieng, he’s 28 and a comedian

What girl doesn’t want a guy to make her laugh. Ronny’s profile and interview were cute and funny, he obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously which is seriously hot. I love a guy who can laugh at himself and be confident with who he is. And I’m not going to lie, after a few minutes of Googling this guy I was in stitches, not an easy feat considering the sour mood I’ve been in lately.

Check out some of my favourites on YouTube here and here

Obviously I would have liked to have seen more than two of our eastern hotties representing but hey, if there can only be two, I think they chose two pretty fine specimens of hotness.

I think considering neither of these guys are doctors, accountants, engineers or international criminals, we are slowly starting to have more positive and unique Asian Men portrayed in the media and regardless of who wins, I am pretty damn happy to see these two in the top 30 😉


"What? Chow not good looking enough for woman"

“What? Chow not good looking enough for woman”


So make sure you head over to Cleo and vote for your favourite (Asian) Cleo bachelors

Decisions, decisions, do you want laughs or the body? Or both? (You can vote more than once)

AMWF Spotlight – Essiebutton and Aslan

August 19th, 2014

We all know how rare AMWF couples are but I the more I blog and the more involved I get in this community, I notice there are quite a few of us around and while I think we will always be a minority, there are some public couples who are removing the stigma and are hard to ignore.

I thought I would shine the spotlight on some of my favourite AMWF couples.

I wanted to start with one of my favourite couples famous in the YouTube world.


Estee and Aslan

Aslan and Estee


Who: Essie Button and Aslan

Where: London

Click Away

Essie’s Beauty YouTube Channel



Aslan’s Twitter




What The Deal?

Essiebutton (real name Estee) is a Canadian beauty blogger who met her man, Aslan online, after months of chatting, they embarked on a US road trip together and now live together in London.

I’m not quite sure of Aslan’s was born in Kazakhstan and has a slight obsession with the country, he speaks Russian, has a dashingly impressive English accent and now works in property in the UK.

Estee’s job is YouTube and she does it well, while some beauty bloggers hit “fame” or a certain number of followers and then start slacking off on blogging (cough cough… um sorry guys) Estee continually posts great videos, Vlogs and updates her blog regularly which I think makes her even more likeable, I love watching her channel morph into lifestyle as well as beauty and she has remained humbled even with her growing YouTube fame.

I just find these two adorable and easily to relate to, even if they are slightly hipster. Estee is so likeable and Aslan has perfected the Asian poker face while still managing to be adorkable on occasion, there is no over the top PDAs and they seem really open and honest without over sharing. Their Vlogs are entertaining, fun and quirky and they are in love with their furry child, a greyhound named Reggie.





I love how supportive Aslan is of Estee’s career and interests, even building her a beauty desk from scratch and they seem like best friends as well as a couple. Aslan seems well-traveled, modern and cultured, often cooking for Estee and they are always on the hunt for arty stuffs, good food and something new and exciting. I love their interest in living a better life and exploring the world, they obviously compromise and appreciate each others unique interests. They don’t seem to take their relationship for granted and obviously work at it.




These two don’t really speak too much about the AMWF dynamic, although during Q&A videos, Aslan often talks about his Asian expectations, like having children at a young age and Estee has mentioned her love for Asian men during some early vlogs.

I do realise with all social media, we try to present the best version of ourselves, regardless of what’s going on in our lives and obviously things aren’t always as perfect as they seem but these two seem like they are in it for the long haul, a very happily ever after.




My Asian Fixation Kawaii Style

July 23rd, 2014

Lots of changes are happening around here, very soon the new blog will be launching at www.myasianfixation.com and I’ve been working with some really talented designers to get a new look and a better designed blog.

I will also be on Facebook soon.

Here is a sneak peek at whats to come, an adorable character based on me created by the super talented and lovely Jules, you can see more of his work at Wilhemina and Friends and follow his Instagram @ifentertainment

nadine-final (2)


My Asian Fixation Revealed!

July 7th, 2014

Since starting this blog I have had a few guys who write to me and ask if I would be interested in getting to know them, most of the time they are barely legal, live overseas, chicken out or lose interest after the initial “Wow a white girl spoke to me” thrill… but recently I got an email from a really sweet guy asking if I would be interested in getting to know each other… he was over 18, actually lived in Australia and didn’t seem to get distracted after three emails. Even after I took weeks to respond to emails due to my feeling sorry for myself/ sad Bridget Jones faze, he wasn’t pushy or whiny.

So I took a risk and called him, we had a really great conversation and we made plans to meet.

About ten minutes before our date I found myself wondering what was I doing? This can’t possibly go well, what if he’s some crazy stalker? What if he blows my cover? Or even worse… what if this works out? Do I write about him in the blog?

There are about two people in my life that know about the blog and know me in person, so it’s pretty scary meeting somebody who knows about both.

I prepared myself for all the possibilities, brushed up on my kung fu moves in case he tried to kidnap me and sell me on the black market and decided to go in with a positive attitude.

So the lowdown, he is a Chinese, Vietnamese 30 something IT geek, with an adorable smile and a quiet confidence. We met after work and I was overwhelmed by the gorgeous flowers he bought me! And an even sweeter card, ok this is massive for me – not only because I finally got flowers from an Asian man but also because he wrote a card, this may sound odd but I LOVE buying gifts for people, I love wrapping them and can spend hours picking out the perfect card, my ultimate nightmare is those gift bags that lazy/uncreative people buy to shove a hastily bought present in and then write on a card “To… From…” What’s the deal? Why even bother when you clearly couldn’t be bothered to spend more than 30 seconds thinking about me. Call me sentimental or high maintenance but I think gifts should come from the heart… so before I go on a rant about something totally different, when a person, especially a man goes out of his way to write a sweet card I find it really flattering and adorable and I lose my train of thought.

Now for his blog name… I’ve decided to call him “Magnum PI”…



His pants weren't quite this tight

His pants weren’t quite this tight


No he didn’t have a porn-stache, a map of chest hair you could get tangled in or even an awesome Hawaiian shirt collection (by the way, the only man who can pull that off is Tom Selleck and if you don’t know who that is then you are too young to be reading this blog), what he did have that I wasn’t prepared for, was far more information about me then I had about him, of course reading my blog would give anyone some pretty intimate knowledge about my dating life but I’m convinced he moonlights as a private investigator on the side – he pretty much knew everything about me. He knew all about the embarrassing email I used to have when I was young and fearless, the obsession I may or may not still have with a certain boy band, my linked in history and every comment I have ever made on a public Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong it was a lovely date and I haven’t stopped smiling since we said goodnight but through the sore cheeks something is bothering me, I can’t help but feel a little terrified, maybe because he is the first guy I have actually liked in quite a while or maybe it’s because I don’t have the upper hand….

I don’t consider myself a game player by any means but I do think it’s good to hold back a little when you first start seeing someone, partly so your heart doesn’t get crushed and partly because, well…. men are like cats, they like to chase things. What’s the point of serving it all up to them at once, you’ve got to have a little mystery and let him think you are some desirable piece of string that he will have to wait for, dangle it in front of him occasionally, then just when he thinks he has caught it, take it away… only to let it dangle some more.


Any excuse for me to post pictures of cats

Any excuse for me to post pictures of cats


The problem is now, he knows all of it, well most of it, there is nothing mysterious about me, I have lost the home town advantage and we are now on a level playing field.

On the positive side, I guess I should be flattered that he still wanted to meet me after knowing all my dirty little secrets (Google yourself people… it’s not pretty) He actually asked me if I was a furry due to a few photos of my sad cosplay attempts he found (just to clarify, I’m not a furry… not that there is anything wrong with that). So I figure if the guy is willing to accept me, tail and all then I’m willing to dangle a little more string then I’m used to.


That day i hung out with Furries

That day i hung out with Furries

And Then He Tried To Feed Me…

June 30th, 2014

I have been on some odd dates but a recent date with let’s call him “Pickles” (It will make sense later) left me a little gobsmacked.

We met through the wonders of Facebook and a mutual friend.

So we started chatting and decided to meet at this hipster bar in the inner west because we are just cool like that, we ordered some overpriced oddly names cocktails served in mason jars with ingredients like elder flower and bacon embellishments and started chatting. Well I did…

I’ve been on dates where I didn’t connect with the guy but even then, we have managed to keep the polite small talk going until the awkward end, where we both say goodbye and then wait for the awkward “let’s just be friends” text which really means, I’ll add you on Facebook and like a few of your photos before pretending you never existed.

But I don’t think Pickles knew about this rule as there were several moments of silence, I’m not just talking about the odd few seconds or so, I’m talking about the let’s just sit here and stare at each other type of silence and not in a “I’m so lost in your eyes” kinda way, let’s just stare and be silent, literally…

Not surprisingly, I usually feel the need to fill awkward silences with inappropriate jokes and mindless chatter but after our second cocktail had kicked in and almost two hours of me doing all the heavy lifting with the polite conversation and getting to know you questions, I started to get a little pissed off.

We were both a little more relaxed with the cocktails, it’s past the awkward “thank goodness you’re not a serial killer or 60 years old” moment and he didn’t seem uninterested …. At least in himself, so what was his deal? The guy didn’t ask me one question about myself, even when I gave him the bait he didn’t take it “you have 3 sisters? Wow I only have 1 and I barely survived….” (hello! this is the part where you say “tell me about your sister…” but nope, instead he did something that I have never experienced before… he tried to feed me.


This is NOT a Disney movie

This is NOT a Disney movie



Yes you read that correctly, he put a fried pickle on his fork (umm yum!) and then held it up to my mouth and smiled…

I froze, normally I would devour every pickle in site, especially when fried but this was just too weird, I thought I had seen it all, the guy who asked to lick my foot, the guy who bought me a designer bag, the guy who asked me to return some dvds (want me to pick up your dry cleaning too?) and that was all on first dates but I have never had a guy try to feed me before, especially when he didn’t seem the least bit interested in me.

I politely shook my head and laughed “oh no thanks, I’m full” oh great does this mean I can’t have any more pickles… while I was pondering that terrifying thought, I realised he was still waving the fork in my face, really? Yeah he was serious and he couldn’t take the hint, what followed was a good 3 minutes of him trying to feed me, he tried everything from zooming it in like he was doing the airplane baby feeding thing to basically shoving it to my lips. It was getting to the point where I realised he wasn’t going to give up, so I got up and went to the bathroom a few moments of agonising texts to friends who just thought this pickle I was in was hilarious (see what I did there), I considered making a run for it but given the fact that we have mutual friends and more to the fact that our table was in full view of the bathroom door, I realised I was going to have to talk myself into this.

“Don’t be so harsh Nadine, you can’t be so picky, you shaved your legs for this, how long since your last date?… calm down, loosen up and get out there and eat that damn pickle!” I walked out fully prepared to be fed like a small child but when I got back he seemed to have forgotten all about feeding me, even stranger was the fact that he didn’t seem awkward, he just continued on talking … about himself…

The rest of the date was an odd blur, I was bored out of my mind and the only other words I muttered was when the bill came “shall I pay half?” I asked expecting the usual gentlemanly “no I got it” but he just shrugged his shoulders “I don’t mind”…. Um OK what do I do here? I’m a firm believe that the guy should pay for the first date, I also believe its polite for the girl to at least offer to pay her half, the only guy who has ever let me pay half clearly wasn’t interest in me so I assumed this must be the same deal, I wasn’t offended, until I pulled out the cash to cover half the bill and he pulled out enough for about half of one of his yuppie cocktail – really? OK I can see I’m going to have to blow my taxi money on this, OK, whatever, I’ll just make it rain so I can get out of here.


How I pay for the bill

How I pay for the bill


Again I don’t mind a guy that doesn’t have a car, especially in Sydney but I do think you should give a girl warning so she knows she has to rely on public transport to get home or at least wave down a taxi for her, heels aren’t comfortable boys!

In the romantic glow of fluorescent lighting and the soothing sounds of Newtown station as the casual drug users flee from the local pub that just got raided, we had a friendly hug followed by more awkward staring “is he going to kiss me?………..mmm no, OK he’s just going to stare at me, I’m just going to smile, say goodnight and turn around then”


Lets have a staring competition

Lets have a staring competition


On the train ride home, I assumed I would never have to deal with “Pickles” again, I clearly offended him by not accepting his feeding fetish, he let me pay for most of the date and there was no kiss goodnight, not even an attempt to.

Then I heard that dreaded whistle, yep he had just sent me a text “thanks for the lovely night, great company, would love to do it again”

Do what again? The pickles? Bore me to death or get a free meal?

Not my most encouraging step back into the dating world.

Japanese Noms

January 23rd, 2014

The food in Japan was pretty unique, even their version of western food surprised me

Big Foods

Big Foods

While in Tokyo Disneyland of course I had to try all the Mickey shaped foods

Mickey Food at Tokyo Disney

Mickey Food at Tokyo Disneyland

Mickey Burger at Tokyo Disneyland

Mickey Burger at Tokyo Disneyland

We tried local specialties, like Okonomiyaki on Miyajima Island in Hiroshima, my personal favourite, its basically just savoury crepes with anything you want in between, cabbage, noodles, oysters, vegetables, egg and smothered in sauce.





It wouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that I bought anything cute, regardless of taste or price

Osaka Airport Snacks

Osaka Airport Snacks

Steamed Buns on Miyajima Island

Steamed Buns on Miyajima Island

Hello Kitty and Snoopy Buns at Universal Studios

Hello Kitty and Snoopy Buns at Universal Studios

J World

Cakes at J World

Little Pancakes in Kyoto

Little Pancakes in Kyoto

For Christmas breakfast I hit up Tulley’s (best coffee in Japan) for some pancakes

Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast

One thing I noticed in Japan is restaurants like to specialise in one type of food and do that really well or they will only sell one type of food. Eggcellent in Repongi Hills was one of the best meals I had, OK it’s not traditional Japanese by any means but damn it was amazing! I highly recommend you head there if you ever visit Reppongi.

Eggcellent in Repongi

Eggcellent in Reppongi

Coconut Pankcakes at Eggcellent

Coconut Pankcakes

Eggs Benedict at Eggcellent

Eggs Benedict

Cute Coffee at Eggcellent in Repongi

Cute Coffee at Eggcellent in Reppongi

A lot of budget restaurants have vending machines out the front, you place your order and insert the money then take the receipt into the store and hand it over, take a seat and wait for your meal. This was pretty fun for us because we never knew quite what we were getting, we would try to match up the prices with the pictures but sometimes you just never knew. It was particularity amusing when I had to try and eat breakfast with chopsticks and worked up the courage to ask for a “forku” not surprisingly the place didn’t have any… I struggled for a good 20 minutes before I noticed other dinners were just dumping everything into bowls of rice and eating it that way… duh!

Breakfast for 150 yen!

Breakfast for 200 yen!

Still haven't figured out how to eat a sausage with chopsticks

Still haven’t figured out how to eat a sausage with chopsticks

One of the first foods I got to eat in Osaka was Onigiri, I have seen these rice balls in anime for so long and wondered what they were like and they didn’t disappoint, especially for around 100 yen! It’s basically a cold rice ball with fillings like tuna or tofu or … unknown and they are served in seaweed, cheap and cheerful.

My First Rice Ball

My First Rice Ball

In Hiroshima we tried this amazing restaurant that served me sesame seeds to grind myself, they were so good!

IMG_7276 IMG_7275

I couldn’t leave Japan without trying fast food, even the MacDonalds here tasted exactly the same but was it perfect, no messy burgers and squashed fries here, it looked exactly like it does on the menu board, the perfect example of how the Japanese take pride in everything they do, even if they are just making cheeseburgers. I also loved how they called meals “sets”, so instead of asking for a cheeseburger meal, I would ask for a cheeseburger “seto” so cute and I loved it.

Mos burger was also favourite, especially the rice burgers that replace the buns with rice patties, sounds weird but it was delicious. Another cheep and cheerful meal was what i would describe as beef bowls, basically its thinly shredded beef served on top of rice, most of the time a small bowl cost about 260 yen and it was warm, filling and quick – I loved it and probably ate it more then anything else in Japan.

Mos Burger

Mos Burger

So where is the sushi? um, well that’s what I wanted to know! while it was around, it wasn’t as popular as I thought and I realised the sushi I’m used to eating is very, very westernised, not shocking really but I wasn’t quite prepared for the sushi in Japan. Its literally just fish served on rice with maybe a smear of wassabi and although I tried a few places, it never exactly looked or smelled hygienic… To put it bluntly I often left my traveling buddy sitting alone while I hurried out for some fresh air.

This is one occasion where I’m more then happy to say I prefer Aussie sushi, I like rolls with Japanese mayo and dammit! I like to be able to eat food without wondering if I can keep it down, give me Sushi Rio any day!

The Hello Kitty Factor

January 22nd, 2014

So I knew Hello Kitty was big but I didn’t realise how big, it didn’t matter where I went in Japan, it seemed I couldn’t escape Hello Kitty. I dragged my friend to Sanrio Puroland, Universal Studios and we lost count of how many Hello Kitty stores I had to stop and shop at…. lets just say I left with two suitcases, came back with six!

IMG_1199IMG_7598 IMG_7612

Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland

It was so cold, I actually considered buying these

It was so cold, I actually considered buying these

The Flagship Store Ginza

The Flagship Store Ginza

Pimp My Ride Hello Kitty Style

Pimp My Ride Hello Kitty Style

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

My New Phone Case

My New Phone Case

Hello Kitty Doghnut Universal Studios

Hello Kitty Doughnut Universal Studios


Is this really a Hello Kitty band?

Is this really a Hello Kitty band?

Yep... Hello Kitty KFC

Yep… Hello Kitty KFC

Japan Updates

December 11th, 2013

9 days till Japan!! I will be Tweeting and Instagraming my way around Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. Follow me on both @myasianfixation

Crash And Burn

November 20th, 2013

So I have a really good excuse for my absence, firstly things with “The Flying Pho” have ended, turns out there is a reason why a hot, 34-year-old pilot with his own home was still single, he had it all and it was all about him, ALL ABOUT HIM.

I usually don’t talk or even feel badly about my exes, I always felt I’ve learnt from them and take that lesson with me but with the pho, I really don’t felt I learnt anything, except that he was always right ALWAYS.

And don’t you forget it!

So while past few weeks started with me pathetically  Bridget Jones-ing it on the lounge living off Tim Tams and vodka, it has ended with me scoring a permanent role at my awesome company, I’m currently studying journalism and landed a freelancing role with a major network and I must have been doing the right thing because I’m now there full time!


I’m a little overwhelmed at the thought of balancing uni and full-time work and I’m now going to have to stretch out uni for another year but the opportunity is just too good to pass up and it’s a major foot in the door in the media industry, so excited!

And just like clockwork “Captain Vietnam” has popped back into my life again, he’s way too inconsistent to make a good boyfriend but he’s definitely something nice to look at and boost my ego while I become one of those career obsessed women with no time for a relationship.

So I have a question for all you lucky girls who follow my blog who have managed to pin down a gorgeous Asian hubby – were you guys into Asian men before you met The One? Or were they your first?