The First Time I …

September 19th, 2014

There are many firsts in a new relationship… first date, first kiss, first argument, the first time you meet his friends, the first time you meet his family and the first time you spend the night together.

But there is one first every girl dreads, it’s something most people have no control over and something girls are not supposed to do.

Yes… I’m talking about the first time you let one slip in front of him, the first time you fart.





Oh come on we all do it, as much as you try not to, it just happens, it’s part of life and part of being a human being. I’m sure even “Captain Vietnam” let out the odd fart… although it would probably smell like roses and fairy floss.

First things first, I’m a firm believer that this should be an accident, I could never be in any sort of relationship where openly farting is acceptable, I think some things should be kept for when you are alone or in the privacy of your the bathroom.


The right way to handle things when they crop up :p

The right way to handle things when they crop up :p


I remember a turning point for me and K-Doc was when he openly farted in front of me…. What,.. Did he just? Oh my god!

I looked at him “um did you just”


Cue uncomfortable silence and really long pause, ok “seriously?”

He then launched into a long rant about how it was healthy to let them out and causes damage if you don’t.

Ok, but surely not on date 3, in a confined space and a loud one at that. Has anybody actually died from holding in a fart? I doubt it.

There is just no coming back from that. We all know we do it but I think most people would prefer to be blissfully ignorant and pretend the person they love doesn’t do those sorts of things.

Luckily for me, mine was a cute little squeak and I was instantly able to laugh it off, which is what got me into trouble in the first place. I do however, have the feeling there will always be BTF and ATF (Before the fart and after) and there was a slight shift of energy, it was most likely positive and believe it or not I think we are now that little bit more comfortable around each other.

I spent the next few hours trying to be serious so as to not let another one slip before I gave in and realised “Magnum PI” was still hanging around despite my slip up and like the gentleman he is, he hasn’t mentioned it since.

This is the way you should handle it if your girlfriend lets one slip guys, fake momentary deafness, if you can’t stop your reaction and burst into laughter (and if you don’t find a fart funny, gently remove the pole that’s stuck up your ass and try again) give her a hug, do not flee the room in fear and never mention it again, if she brings it up, have a sudden loss of memory and pretend it never happened.


As far as you're concerned...

As far as you’re concerned…

Deadly side effects of My Asian Fixation

September 17th, 2014

Besides the inevitable problems of being a a Caucasian woman who digs Asian guys, such as “We can never work because of a)Cultural differences b) My parents won’t let me date a non Asian girl or C)I’m too scared to talk to you and you’re too scared to talk to me”, there are a few other problems that impact my daily life, all because I have a thing for Asian guys.

I live in an area highly populated by Asians, so whenever I leave my home, the chances of seeing gorgeous Asian men are greatly increased, therefore I feel like I always have to be on my game. There are no midnight runs to Coles in my trackies for snacks and no walks of shame on a Sunday morning to the café with bed hair and bloodshot eyes for a well-deserved caffeine hit.

When it comes to working out? Forget it.

A friend once told me she went to her local gym despite having access to a free gym in her apartment complex because she thought it was a good way to meet men, I think most people spend just as much time checking each other out as they do themselves in the mirror, this wouldn’t bother me so much if my local gym wasn’t full of Asian guys.

I’m not one of those girls who gets a few strands of hair delicately falling out to frame her face while she glows with a pretty pink flush after a workout. When a pale girl with fine hair works out, she ends up with frizz everywhere and a blotchy rash like redness to her cheeks… and forehead and chest and well everywhere, people stare with concern because I look like I’m about to have a heart attack, which then makes me blush even more because everyone is staring at how red I am…



When normal girls work out

When normal girls work out


When pale girls work out

When pale girls work out



And then there is the most humiliating aspect of having a soft spot for Asian men, visiting the doctor.

So anytime I have some disgusting/embarrassing/contagious thing going on and have to visit my doctor I’m standing in front of the doctors on duty sign to find the most western name I can.. “Dr Nguyen… nope, Dr Lee…. Hmm maybe, Dr Chong… oh hell no!”





I then weigh up my options, am I dying? Maybe I can wait this out? Could I just call K-Doc and get him to write me a prescription? No I’m going to take my chances

“I’ll just take the first available doctor thank you”


Weighing up my options

Weighing up my options


So there I am sitting in the waiting room, I have an ever so attractive phlegmy old man cough, combined with a stomach grumbling so loud I think its setting car alarms off outside, when out walks Dr Nguyen, he’s tall, has an adorable smile and arms I could cuddle into all night long.

“Don’t call my name…. don’t call my name”


Crap again.

By the time I drag my sorry looking ass into that little doctors room I could care less that this cute, smart, friendly doctor who isn’t wearing a wedding ring is smiling at me, waiting patiently.

OK here goes “I can’t shake this cold I’ve had for almost two weeks, it seems to be getting worse, I can’t keep food down and my ears are blocked”

He pulls his chair close as he gives me a sympathetic look, leans over and asks me to take my jacket off, asks me to take a deep breath as he puts a stethoscope to my back, if you couldn’t hear my congested squeaking as I attempt to breath, this would be super romantic

“Now I’m just going to have a look in your ear” he sweeps the hair away from my face and puts that ear thingy in my ear, I can hear him breathing and as he pulls away I see a crumb of my ear wax on that ear thingy… wow this is the grossest date doctors visit I have ever exper

For you, Dr McDreamy

For you, Dr McDreamy





“You have a virus” he tells me as he writes out a prescription “you should take a few days off work to rest and make sure you don’t give it to anyone else”

This is the stuff Danielle Steel novels are made of, totally hot right? And the ice cold, hot again and back to cold as a cold sweat starts to build on my brow and I can’t decide if I’m going to faint or throw up.

As we finish up, he makes small talk about where I work, I suddenly feel a rush of energy, it could be from the hot doctor or possibly the excitement of having permission to take time off work. I tell him all about my fabulous job and how much fun it is while I do my best eyelash fluttering and hair flicking, he stands up to open the door for me and asks me to come back and see him soon, I ignore the part where he says it’s to check up how the antibiotics are working and pretend we are having a moment and then just when I’m convinced he’s falling in love with me, I start to cough, and cough and cough and I can’t stop, my face turns red and I have no choice but to try and leave the room while keeping what little dignity I have intact.

Therefore I am basically sacrificing my health for my fetish. It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it.


This is red pale girls get just walking into the gym

This is how red pale girls get just walking into the gym


Cleo’s Most Eligible Asian Bachelors

August 25th, 2014

Cleo Magazine is a popular Australian Women’s Magazine and I would bet that every Australian woman has flipped through the pages at some stage in her life.

Every year they hold The Most Eligible Bachelor Of The Year Awards, where several gorgeous men (famous and non famous everyday spunks) are chosen, the men are featured in the magazine and then all the readers get to vote on who they think would best be able to live up to the tough and gruelling position of Cleo’s Bachelor of the Year.

It takes a special man to be able to convey many different looks of hotness through the pages of Cleo. And as voters, we have an extremely hard job to do, we have to whittle down all those gorgeous men and find the perfect specimen of sexy but not so sexy you can’t bring him home to mum, charming but not so cocky that he thinks he can date your mum and friendly enough so that your mum would love him (not too much of course because all white girls secretly want to rebel against our mothers).

Check out the final 30 bachelors here.

It may seem like an impossible task but I’m here to help you narrow down the choices, firstly we can cross off 28 of the 30 chosen ones because only 2 of them are Asian … duh! This is

So introducing…


Of course he owns a shirt

Of course he owns a shirt


see… Photos owned by Thien Nguyen Facebook


Thien Nguyen, he’s 28 and a personal trainer (obviously)

I have a soft spot for this guy as I saw him on Studio 10 with one of my career idols, founding editor of Cleo in 1972,  Ita Buttrose, check out the video here

He seemed to be really positive and full of energy, his smile will make your heart melt and, oh yeah he’s damn hot too.

And then there is…



Photo from The Loop


Ronny Chieng, he’s 28 and a comedian

What girl doesn’t want a guy to make her laugh, Ronny’s profile and interview were cute and funny, he obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously which is seriously hot, I love a guy who can laugh at himself and be confident with who he is. And I’m not going to lie, after a few minutes of Googling this guy I was in stitches, not an easy feat considering the sour mood I’ve been in lately. Check out some of my favourites on YouTube here and here


Obviously I would have liked to have seen more than two of our eastern hotties representing but hey, if there can only be two, I think they chose two pretty fine specimens of hotness.

I think considering neither of these guys are doctors, accountants, engineers or international criminals, we are slowly starting to have more positive and unique Asian Men portrayed in the media and regardless of who wins, I am pretty damn happy to see these two in the top 30 ;)


"What? Chow not good looking enough for woman"

“What? Chow not good looking enough for woman”


So make sure you head over to Cleo and vote for your favourite (Asian) Cleo bachelors

Decisions, decisions, do you want laughs or the body? Or both? (You can vote more than once)

Hello Kitty Giveaway CLOSED

August 22nd, 2014

Thank you to everyone who entered, the competition is now closed.


To celebrate the launch of the new My Asian Fixation and thank my subscribers, I am holding a Hello Kitty Typo giveaway.

You may be aware of my Hello Kitty fascination since visiting Japan and what girl doesn’t like a little Hello Kitty in her life! This giveaway is perfect for any Hello Kitty fan or as a gift to that special girl in your life.

I raided one of my favourite Australian stationery stores, Typo for their Sanrio Hello Kitty Range and bought my favourite products, The prize includes everything you see below.

Hello Kitty Prizes!

Hello Kitty Prizes!

Want to win all this?

Want to win all this?




Prize Details

1 x Boston Travel Wallet

1 x Boston Luggage Tag

1 x Easy On The Eye Travel Mask

1 x Buffalo A5 Journal

1 x Archer Pencil Case

1 x Sticker Book

1 x Flat Wrap Paper


The Rules

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Leave a comment below or on the Facebook page telling me what you would like to see more of on My Asian Fixation.

Entry is open world wide

There is one prize winner

The winner will be chosen randomly and contacted via email and announced on September 13th 2014

Entry is open from August 23 2014 and closes September 13th 2014

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Good Luck!

AMWF Spotlight – Essiebutton and Aslan

August 19th, 2014

We all know how rare AMWF couples are but I the more I blog and the more involved I get in this community, I notice there are quite a few of us around and while I think we will always be a minority, there are some public couples who are removing the stigma and are hard to ignore.

I thought I would shine the spotlight on some of my favourite AMWF couples.

I wanted to start with one of my favourite couples famous in the YouTube world.


Estee and Aslan

Aslan and Estee


Who: Essie Button and Aslan

Where: London

Click Away

Essie’s Beauty YouTube Channel



Aslan’s Twitter




What The Deal?

Essiebutton (real name Estee) is a Canadian beauty blogger who met her man, Aslan online, after months of chatting, the embarked on a US road trip together and now live together in London.

I’m not quite sure of Aslan’s background but he was born in Kazakhstan and has a slight obsession with the country, he speaks Russian, has a dashingly impressive English accent and now works in property in the UK.

Estee’s job is YouTube and she does it well, while some beauty bloggers hit “fame” or a certain number of followers and then start slacking off on blogging (cough cough… um sorry guys) Estee continually posts great videos, Vlogs and updates her blog regularly which I think makes her even more likeable, I love watching her channel morph into lifestyle as well as beauty and she has remained humbled even with her growing YouTube fame.

I just find these two adorable and easily to relate to, even if they are slightly hipster. Estee is so likeable and Aslan has perfected the Asian poker face while still managing to be adorkable on occasion, there is no over the top PDAs and they seem really open and honest without over sharing. Their Vlogs are entertaining, fun and quirky and they are in love with their furry child, a greyhound named Reggie.





I love how supportive Aslan is of Estee’s career and interests, even building her a beauty desk from scratch and they seem like bestfriends as well as a couple. Aslan seems well traveled, modern and cultured, often cooking for Estee and they are always on the hunt for arty stuffs, good food and something new and exciting. I love their interest in living a better life and exploring the world, they obviously compromise and appreciate each others unique interests. They don’t seem to take their relationship for granted and obviously work at it.




These two don’t really speak too much about the amwf dynamic, although during Q&A videos, Aslan often talks about his Asian expectations, like having children at a young age and Estee has mentioned her love for Asian men during some early vlogs.

I do realise with all social media, we try to present the best version of ourselves, regardless of what’s going on in our lives and obviously things aren’t always as perfect as they seem but these two seem like they are in it for the long haul, a very happily ever after.




My New Fixation

August 16th, 2014

For a while now I have been working on making My Asian Fixation a self-hosted blog, I’ve been working with blog designers to create a new look and have registered the domain

I will be expanding my obsessions to include other aspects of Asian sub culture I’m obsessed with (not the just the men) and updating more regularly. I will also be holding a giveaway to launch the new blog and it will be open to all subscribers world wide.

What started out as a fun way to distract myself from uni assignments and rant about weird dates has morphed into this great little community where I have met amazing and interesting people and opened my mind to new adventures. will be officially launching on July 18th 2014.

The best way to stay in the loop is to like the new page on Facebook, you can also follow My Asian Fixation on instagram and bloglovin. @myasianfixation

I apologise in advance if there are any issues during migration as this is my first time having a self hosted blog, I genuinely appreciate each and every subscriber and comment, and love that you guys never point out my typos and get my sense of humour, so I hope they all transfer across smoothly and we don’t have any issues once the new site is launched.

Goodbye Studio Ghibli

August 4th, 2014

I am genuinely devastated and distraught by the news about Studio Ghibli shutting its doors.

If you aren’t aware of how huge this is for anime fans, this is like Disney closing down. Disney are actually the western distributor of Ghibli so I’m shocked to see it just close so abruptly.

It’s so sudden and makes me wonder what will happen to the merchandise? When I was in Japan I was shocked to see entire stores dedicated to Studio Ghibli merchandise, toy stores had entire floors and sections just for Ghibli, it was just everywhere, like part of the culture and I loved it.

One of my biggest regrets about Japan, was that due to a shonky travel agent, we missed out on tickets to The Studio Ghibli Museum and I’m seriously considering changing my upcoming trip to Singapore to Japan instead just so I can get in before it closes.

One of the first animes I ever saw, and actually understood was Howls Moving Castle, before then I thought anime was just for little boys and silly robot type cartoons that I pretended to like for my geeky ex boyfriends sake but after seeing Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro, I was hooked. They were so beautifully animated and the stories were always so wacky and cute, I actually began to understand why I preferred the Japanese versions of anime with English subtitles to the English dubbed versions (except for Howl’s of course which is by far the best English dub ever and better then the Japanese version).

I’m not ashamed to admit that I actually planned my entire Japan trip around the Christmas opening times of The Studio Ghibli Museum and lost my shit when the travel agent who kept telling us it was all under control and she would organise the tickets for us failed, we found out 2 weeks before leaving that it wasn’t under control, she had no idea about the restrictions to the museum and that it sells out daily months in advance and she could not get us tickets, even though I had stressed how important it was to us. Despite knowing we had already missed out, we spent the first day of our Japan trip trying to buy tickets in the country as well but as expected, they were sold out.

In short Studio Ghibli IS Japanese Disney, I bonded with boyfriends over our favourite movies, I always understood the plots and adored the characters, even if people didn’t know what anime was they had seen Totoro and knew that freaky little character, they never failed to stir up emotions in me and I always wanted more.



Goodbye Ghibli

Goodbye Ghibli


What was your favourite Ghibli?

My Asian Fixation Kawaii Style

July 23rd, 2014

Lots of changes are happening around here, very soon the new blog will be launching at and I’ve been working with some really talented designers to get a new look and a better designed blog.

I will also be on Facebook soon.

Here is a sneak peek at whats to come, an adorable character based on me created by the super talented and lovely Jules, you can see more of his work at Wilhemina and Friends and follow his Instagram @ifentertainment

nadine-final (2)


The Musical Seinfeld Episode

July 20th, 2014

So it’s happened, I am officially a “we” “Magnum PI” and I had “The Talk” and have made it official. I have started naming our Eurasian babies, planning our wedding and signing my name with his last name, and it’s a very Asian last name so I’m expecting a lot of this   Call Me Me Mrs Donna Chang  (Seinfeld reference for all you gen Y kids out there) But seriously “Magnum PI” and I are officially a couple and I’m ecstatically, annoyingly, deliriously happy. This is pretty much how I left my apartment this morning

Let’s get real here, “Magnum PI” messaged me from this blog, we emailed back and forth for a good few months, I thought I would be friendly, drag my butt out of the house and finally meet him, I wasn’t expecting a lot but after our first phone call… I had that feeling… you know the one deep down inside that Oprah is always talking about “Shave your legs… trust me he’s worth it” I remember thinking he’s the opposite of every guy I have ever dated, he isn’t my usual “type” which let’s face it, as entertaining as they are, my type usually consists of lazy, man child, commitment phobes who want to know what it’s like to date a white girl long enough to piss off their parents and then get shocked when they realise I actually have feelings too.

George Can't Stand Ya!

George Can’t Stand Ya!

It’s such a relief not only to have met a really lovely, sweet and adorable guy but also to know that he already knows about this blog, I have always dreaded the moment I would have to tell a guy I was dating about this blog, although I try and make it light and funny, you never know how somebody will take to having their dating moves broadcast online or being named “K Doc”. What’s also a relief is that Magnum PI doesn’t mind what I write on here, another fear I had was what if I did tell a guy I was seeing about this blog and he would try to control it or need approval before I post. “Magnum PI” is secure in himself, “Magnum PI” doesn’t need to keep his girl on a chain, “Magnum PI” talks about himself in the third person… Seriously though, it’s so great to be in a balanced relationship with no game playing, no white lies and no stepping on egg shells. I truly feel I can be myself around him and what’s more surprising, is that he actually likes all of me! Even with no makeup on.   Keanu Makeup   I know if this blows up in my face I’m headed for massive heartbreak but if you don’t try you will never know, right?

Marathon Dating

July 18th, 2014

You know that feeling when you meet somebody and you just click, within a few minutes of meeting you sort of feel like shouting


"Did we just become best friends?" "yep"

“Did we just become best friends?” “yep”


I’m not just referring to potential romantic relationships but just relationships in general.

In general I find I get along with most people, I’m pretty much Sweden, I try to be nice and friendly to everyone, even those who are a little catty to me and I find it especially satisfying to be lovely to those who are downright miserable, negative people. Just to let them know they haven’t gotten to me. I have a huge circle of acquaintances from all walks of life and I don’t get involved in their lives too much and visa versa.

However once in a while I find I meet a person who I know instantly is going to play a special part in my life, whether it be for a short time or a lifelong thing, I know we have some sort of bond and they are there for a reason.

“Magnum PI” is there for a reason.

When we hang out, I find it painful to say goodbye, I have to force myself to walk away and slam the door, run into my room and change into my most comfy pyjamas to stop me from running out and clinging onto him koala style, like his whiter, blonder, conjoined twin.


Never letting go!

Never letting go!


Almost every time I see him we go into overtime, I’m talking dates that never end.

Our second dates was all kinds of awesome, a visit to The Powerhouse Museum to see the Retro Games exhibit. We bonded over our favourite childhood video games and waiting in line with little kids for Donkey Kong (which is way harder than it looks) and trying to figure out how to play the new games that six year olds seem to be better at then us. We then found the 8 bit cinema, playing popular movies in 8 bit style.

It was by far the best attraction at the museum and you should check it out if you can.

What started out as a day trip to the museum ended up a ten hour date where neither of us wanted to leave and it ended with a kiss.




I was convinced it might be a fluke so when we planned another unique date (The Police and Justice Museum… odd but fun and creepy) I was waiting to see if the spark was still there…. Eleven hours of bonding over our fascination of creepy things and serial killers (I swear we are normal) we wondered into some Bastille Day celebrations, through some touristy markets and he didn’t complain once when I was side tracked into a Korean beauty store for an hour.




The night ended with Ding Tai Fung (Take me now!) and making out in his car like two high school kids and then I took a huge step.

Something I don’t normally do so early on in the relationship, I was so nervous but I had to do it.

I introduced him to my cat.

Scarlett Soot Sprite is an extremely fussy (and gorgeous) one year old Devon Rex, she has excellent judgement of character and will instantly tell me if she likes a person or not (although, if you pet her butt, you’re pretty much in) Even with a wonky eye and a traumatic day of being at the vets she still sat there and sussed “Magnum PI” out, enough for me to know that this wasn’t one sided.


She thinks she's people

She thinks she’s people


Our everlasting dates are not going to stop any time soon and we have already gotten to that stage of comfortable silences (when there is a rare pause) we talk nonstop for hours and as cheese filled as it sounds… we do our fair bit of gazing into each others eyes.

Sorry I just threw up a little… yes we have become one of those couples I hate.